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While there are a lot of options to make money online, digital marketing is one of the best. Affiliate MarketingWhat is affiliate marketing. Well, affiliate marketing is when a business allows you to promote their products or services to the world and when someone buys from that business through your link you will earn a commission from that sale. Affiliate marketing is probably one of the best places for people to get started making money from digital marketing.

Typically you can get started in affiliate marketing with a minimal investment simply for marketing tools to run your affiliate marketing business more efficiently. Most affiliate programs are free or have a small investment depending on what you are promoting to get started. One recommendation though is that if you are going to participate in affiliate marketing, it is helpful to use the products or services yourself before trying to promote it.

There are also many ways to build an affiliate marketing business with content marketing like blogging or video marketing on YouTube that can help you to make money with digital marketing. If affiliate marketing sounds like something you might be interested in learning more about, check out my affiliate marketing beginners guide. Network MarketingA similar business model to affiliate marketing, network marketing can be another great way how to earn money from digital marketing.

The main difference between network marketing and affiliate marketing is that with network marketing you can build a team. The principle is very similar in that you partner up with a business that has a product or service for sale and then you become a sales rep to promote it. Every time you make a sale you can earn a commission on it. Often with a network marketing business, you can also earn a residual income, meaning you get paid month in, and month out.

Another advantage of network marketing is that there is a lot of leverage in the business model. The model is very similar to being a real estate broker. As a broker, you can hire and train real estate agents, and when then sell a home, you also earn a percentage of that sale.

Network marketing works the same. You can build a team of leaders and as they sell the product or service you can earn a percentage from their sales. Most network marketing companies can be built completely online, and ship products right to your customers. Also, you are new to network marketing you might want to check out this post on network marketing basics. One way how to make money with digital marketing is to create your own digital marketing course.

Creating your own digital marketing course is turning your knowledge into a product you can sell and build an income online. This is a great way to make money from home because you can spend time to make a digital product once and continue to sell it forever. The key is to take your expertise and format it into a digital course that can help people. Creating your own digital product and marketing it online is a very simple passive income business model once you know how to do it.

The video below outlines exactly how to market and grow a digital marketing business based digital products. Content marketingWhat is content marketing. Content marketing is really the foundation of attraction marketing, which in many cases is the best form of selling through digital marketing.

Instead of talking about how great your products and services are or the features of your business, you lead with value and content first. From there, you simply promote your products or services for sale on the back end as an extension and next step related to the content you created. Now if you have an affiliate marketing business, network marketing business, or provide marketing services for a business, content marketing needs to be a part of your marketing strategy.

There are many methods of content marketing, such as video marketing, blogging, podcasting, and more. You can provide these content marketing services for a business, or use content marketing yourself for your business as a highly effective way to make money with digital marketing. YouTube MarketingHave you ever considered starting a YouTube channel as a way to make money with digital marketing.

Whether you are marketing a business, product, want to build a brand, or even make money with YouTube ads on your channel, video marketing can be a great way to make money from digital marketing. The time you spend on creating content on YouTube can eventually be monetized and the work you do once can continue to pay you forever.

In fact, that is really the exception, not the rule. Very few people ever go viral on YouTube, but if you stay consistent, and build an audience, you can make money. As of now the current requirements to monetize a YouTube channel are 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of accumulated watch time over a year.

Now, this does sound like a lot, but if you are consistent you can reach those numbers. Again, the above numbers are just to monetize your YouTube channel with ads, there are many ways to make money on YouTube beyond running ads on your channel. Check out the video below for a breakdown of how to make money on YouTube with affiliate marketing. BloggingBlogging could be one of the best ways of how to make money from digital marketing.

Well, for starters you own your blog. You might join a network marketing business that eventually goes out of business. You could build a massive social media following, and then it loses popularity, think MySpace. However, with a blog, you eliminate some of those potential downsides.

Plus a blog is similar to YouTube marketing in that you can make content once, and then it can continue to work for you forever. Once a blog post is written, it has the potential to bring hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your website each month.

There are a lot of ways to monetize a blog as well. You could sell your own digital products, affiliate products, promote a business, and as your traffic grows you can even run ads and get paid every time someone visits your site. Check out this post to learn more on how to make money blogging, and watch the video below on how to write blogs effectively.

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