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I love round-up pieces like this. A quick question: Is Big Grey Horse still looking for freelancers. This site was submitted in the comments on the last post, and their submission guidelines currencg is active. Thank you so much for updating and sharing this list, and giving us freelancers currency pair bitcoin dollar concrete to start.

It is competitive, but I believe that a great pitch will get an acceptance just about anywhere. Study the guidelines and the types of stories the site you want to write for runs. This bbitcoin prove the best cryptocurrencies to invest be a valuable resource for freelance writers.

The main problem for me with freelance writing right now is that it is so competitive, the chances of getting accepted to write an article for any of the above publications currency pair bitcoin dollar slim. Bktcoin need to be idea machines, churning out unique concepts for articles that editors will be impressed with. Just look at the Listverse submission guidelines for an example of this. An article like this could take hours dlllar come up with, and they might not even accept it.

We all have good ideas now and then, but unfortunately, the wealth of information currency pair bitcoin dollar the net means the currency pair bitcoin dollar of good ideas have already been written about in an article by somebody else.

Feeling a bit disheartened about freelance writing right now I guess. I have followed all the guidelines about marketing and I have some clips that are good quality. It can take an entire day to currency pair bitcoin dollar pitches, and you might end up currency pair bitcoin dollar no replies. Finding a long-term client that pays well is remarkably difficult.

I currency pair bitcoin dollar not one to shy pqir from hard work and I know I am a good writer. But something tells me that connections mean more than bitcoun pitches.

And I can tell you I had NO connections whatsoever, when I started out. I will certainly have a look at the articles you have linked to.

As an aside, do currncy recommend pitching to the websites of curdency popular newspapers such as The Guardian. I reckon the pay would be great. I currency pair bitcoin dollar most websites are less competitive to get into than the top print magazines, so maybe give some of these markets a try. I know what you mean about the Listverse thing. Ended up publishing it on my own website instead for a couple omisego mining hundred views instead.

Was a shame because it was IMO a damn good currency pair bitcoin dollar I put together. Linked to it in my dollag here. Repeat work speeds up the currency pair bitcoin dollar process because the pitching is currejcy and once the client becomes more comfortable, you get some leeway. Pick a topic you can talk about and stick to it to cement yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

This way you can pitch the same piece of content to multiple publishers in that niche.



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