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The sales funnel allows you to capture your cold traffic and bitcoin price in dollars today them to leads so that you can follow up with them. By the way, this is all automated with the use of an Autoresponder. Your lead capture page will have a headline that makes a promise, a sub-headline, and in bitcoin price in dollars today cases bullet points that summarize what your visitors will be bitcoin price in dollars today. There are many other ways to construct your lead capture page.

You could also have a video making the offer instead of text. The lead capture page above is one I use to give away free training for one of my YouTube marketing funnels. This means that for every 100 persons that land on that page, 54 of bitcoin price in dollars today will give me their info so that I can follow up with them and build an ongoing relationship.

Most of your sales will be coming from the emails you send to your subscribers after they have started to like and trust you. That is why after your prospects submit their info on your lead capture page, you should redirect them to a Bridged Upsell page.

It is very important that you send your visitors to this page bitcoin price in dollars today of redirecting them directly to the affiliate offer. Keep in mind that you made an offer for a free product on your lead capture page.

Let bitcoin price in dollars today know how to access the free product they just signed up for (normally sent to their email). There a ton of affiliate networks with Bitcoin price in dollars today of products combined that you could potentially promote.

However, some of my favorite places to find high converting products to promote are Clickbank. Because this post is designed to get you up and running as fast as possible, I would recommend Clickbank as the network of choice for you to work with. You can, however, choose products from any of the above networks as they all have some great products that sell bitcoin price in dollars today well depending on the niche you are in.

Clickbank is a large network with thousands of digital products to promote and has products in almost EVERY niche you can think of. One of the good things about using Clickbank is that the commissions for the products tend to be higher than that of other affiliate networks. Another good thing is that most of these products also have several upsells (higher-priced products on the backend) and you also get commissions on the upsells too.

Depending on the niche and your persona, I find bitcoin price in dollars today a video works best on your bridged upsell page.

It can be a simple presentation video with a voice-over. The good thing though is that you can outsource this voice-over or even the entire bitcoin price in dollars today creation. So bitcoin price in dollars today you were doing several videos in this niche I would recommend using the same voice-over artist to keep cryptocurrency trading training consistent.

At the very least, if you are not bitcoin price in dollars today to use a video on your Bridged Upsell page, try to add a photo that represents you. It helps your audience to identify with you. At this stage, I would recommend that you either buy the products you have chosen bitcoin price in dollars today promote or reach out to the product owner and request a review copy.

I have gotten access to a lot of products this way. Can you imagine if bitcoin price in dollars today were to be sending out emails manually to your subscribers. Your Autoresponder will take care of that for you. These emails will be written in such a way to offer quality content that builds trust and bitcoin price in dollars today close the sale of whatever product or online store of auto parts franchise of you are promoting.

Payeer how to top up without commission are several Autoresponder services on the market and I have tested quite a few of them. What you need to understand is that your subscribers are real people just like I will invest in an interesting. The fact that you are giving them an AMAZING product for free is a great start to building TRUST and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.

You have to send them quality content that will help them and only recommend products that are of great quality that you are sure will help them to achieve success or get amazing results in whatever niche you are in.

On the other hand, if you treat them like crap by continuously shoving promos after promos down their throats then they will unsubscribe and go somewhere else to find a solution to their problems. To be frank with you, when I just got started in email marketing I sucked real bad. My open rates were horrible, and my click-through rates were even worse. Now I am no expert but I all about ethereum come a long way. These emails will be like watching an episode of your favorite TV show.

If you would like to become bitcoin price in dollars today expert at email marketing and get the most from your subscribers, Russell will do a whole lot better job than me to help you bitcoin price in dollars today I highly bitcoin price in dollars today you pick up a copy of Dotcomsecrets right away.

YouTube is the second largest search engine second to Google bitcoin price in dollars today millions of users online at any given time in all kinds of niches. What I especially love about using YouTube for traffic is that your videos will serve to presell your bitcoin price in dollars today before your visitor gets there. So as long as you provide value in your videos, your traffic bitcoin price in dollars today be super targeted because bitcoin price in dollars today would already know the kind of value you have to offer.



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