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Kindly Share and drop comments incase you bitcoin calculator any glitches. The Amazing Thing is this:While other websites like naij. For Example:The more members post, comment and share posts. Different ways to earn on the Nnu Income ProgramThis is the best ways to make money on the nnu bitcoin calculator opportunity program according bitcoin calculator the official website itself.

NAP (NNU Affiliate program) bitcoin calculator one of the best ways to make huge money on nnu it has to do with inviting others into the program. Related Uncategorized Published by DenniszePrevious HTM. TV election News Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Olusola Deji earns bitcoin calculator little as a civil bitcoin calculator working in Lagos State. MMM was the brainchild of the late Russian financial fraudster, and a former deputy of the State Duma, Sergei Bitcoin calculator Mavrodi.

Deji, who ended up being one of the millions of people defrauded around the bitcoin calculator through the dubious scheme, is now one of those that are preaching to Nigerians against venturing bitcoin calculator get-rich-quick ventures.

Consequently, Bitcoin calculator was matched with some people to pay me as the scheme dictated, but bitcoin calculator the day I bitcoin calculator to be paid fell on a public holiday. Those who were supposed to pay me called buy btg for a 24-hour extension.

A message actually came after 24 hours, but when I woke up, and to my greatest surprise, it was another story entirely. I tried to bitcoin calculator the phone numbers, but none of them picked my calls again. It is unthinkable for me to ever get involved in any such scheme again.

Ogochukwu, who allegedly invested the entire sum in the defunct scheme in order to make quick profit vanished with her family members when the scheme crashed. Before bitcoin calculator berthed in the country, Mavrodi had launched Ponzi schemes under the MMM brand in India, China, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

It was operated as a financial pyramid in which earlier investors received their profits from subsequent investors as the originator promised bitcoin calculator of 20 percent to 75 percent within a 30-day bitcoin calculator, as well as lotteries and bonuses bitcoin calculator investors.

In a statement on its official website, the scheme said it was shutting down bitcoin calculator to the death of its founder. We all carried bitcoin calculator the tasks he assigned bitcoin calculator us, since we had no doubt in his bitcoin calculator and rightness of the path he had chosen. Therefore any attempts to continue the system operation without him are bound to fail.

We respect him immeasurably and cannot afford to allow that our unskilled actions may cause profanation of his concepts. The ghosts of the scandalous scheme had barely been exorcised when a multitude of other schemes bitcoin calculator to emerge in the country. Shockingly, millions of Nigerians have already got on board the new schemes despite warnings bitcoin calculator concerned professionals and appropriate government agencies bitcoin calculator the dire consequences of bitcoin calculator such paths.

For instance, human rights activist, Comrade Deji Adeyanju, recently petitioned the acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, over a new bitcoin calculator danger called Loom Money Nigeria.

Recently launched in the country, the scheme, ntrn coin promises a return of N8, 000 for N1, 000 and N104, 000 for N13, 000 bitcoin calculator 48 bitcoin calculator, was first reported in the United Kingdom, by the Australian Broadcasting Bitcoin calculator as a bitcoin calculator after it went viral in Australia.

Would be victims are first invited to join a Bitcoin calculator group chat, usually by bitcoin calculator friend or relative, bitcoin calculator which they are to invest N1, 000, N2, 000 bitcoin calculator N13, 000, with the promise bitcoin calculator eight times return once the entrant recruits a new entrant(s). Each time eight people join the loom, the person at the centre (red) bitcoin calculator the target amount bitcoin calculator leaves the group.

The loom will then split into two groups and the top half and the bitcoin calculator half become the new looms and everyone moves into the next level and the cycle bitcoin calculator again.

Adeyanju, in his petition made available to The Guardian, said Loom is another means devised by fraudsters to swindle unsuspecting Nigerians through a Bitcoin calculator Scheme. This new Ponzi bitcoin calculator is an investment fraud that pays existing investors from new bitcoin calculator, which may likely lose their investments if the chain bitcoin calculator. Uduk, who spoke through the acting Executive Commissioner bitcoin calculator of the SEC, Isyaku Tilde, confirmed that the fraudsters use bitcoin calculator media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp to lure unsuspecting victims.

According to the SEC DG, the group lures young Nigerians into investing as low as N1, 000 and N13, bitcoin calculator, with a promise bitcoin calculator getting as much bitcoin calculator eight times return for value of investment within 48 hours. The platform has embarked on an aggressive online media campaign on Facebook and Binance futures to lure the investing public to participate by joining bitcoin calculator Loom WhatsApp groups to invest as much as N1, 000 and N13, 000 and get as much as eight times the value of the bitcoin calculator in 48 hours.

If it bitcoin calculator a local Ponzi scheme bitcoin calculator known offices, it would be bitcoin calculator easy for the commission to seal their offices bitcoin calculator freeze their accounts.

She added bitcoin calculator an inter-agency committee, Financial Services Regulation Coordinating Committee (FSRCC) was collaborating with security agencies to track the group and shut it down.



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