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The region was suddenly connected to the world at large. Some 90 percent of the water is used for agriculture, but it is rapidly emptying out. But the 57-year-old says that locals are increasingly wondering what they are getting out of all of this. It sounds a bit like he no longer small business novelties knows what is right anymore and what is wrong. Indeed, the exploitation of people is no longer the only problem.

The Santa Clara reservoir in the mountains behind Odemira has been supplying the region with the dammed water of the small Bitcoin on forex River for 53 years.

From here, it flows toward the sea and branches out into smaller open channels. But it no longer reaches everyone. Because while the agricultural companies keep irrigating their fields as they always have, the first inhabitants have seen their taps run dry. The reservoir is already half empty, and the depth gauge is high and dry.

Alentejo is drying up. Francisco Pacheco, 75, has been living here his whole life. Most of them were bitcoin buy credit card farmers or workers and now survive on pensions of 200 to 400 euros per month. Children and grandchildren have largely moved to the city. To make ends meet, they often grow potatoes or beans, as well as strawberries and spinach. Before, the use of the irrigation channels cost him less than 20 euros per year.

But since March, the water has stopped coming. The valves on the pipes leading from the canal were removed overnight. Pacheco points to his dried-out plants. It will seemingly be his last harvest. The elimination of irrigation rights for people like Pacheco is hardly surprising.

The special-purpose association that controls the water from the reservoir is, after all, controlled by its largest users. The big bitcoin buy credit card are responsible for 90 percent of consumption, bitcoin buy credit card they are able to divert the water to themselves and shut the others out. When Pacheco and 32 other residents complained about the situation in a letter, the head of the bitcoin buy credit card lobby recommended they water their potatoes with tap water.

Meanwhile, the drought is getting worse. Further bitcoin buy credit card, toward the sea, residents, politicians and environmentalists are complaining about water shortages and the environmental damage caused by the intensive farming. The say the lower reaches of the Mira are drying out, the aquatic plants how to buy bitcoin dying, biotopes are disappearing. Sara Serrao is one of those fighting back.

She says the problem bitcoin buy credit card getting worse. Environmental organizations from outside the region are now also issuing warnings about the destruction of bitcoin buy credit card nature preserve and bitcoin buy credit card submitted a complaint to the European Commission. Left-wing parties have also started an initiative in Portuguese parliament to take away the control over the Santa Clara dam from the special-purpose organization.

He has other problems. The current season, he says, has been the worst thus far because of the pandemic. During the lockdown, he says, many migrants left, leaving him with a shortage of workers and a surplus of uncertainty. Instead of 900 workers in the fields, bitcoin buy credit card says, he currently has 300 bitcoin buy credit card the most. For the berries to still be processed in time during bitcoin buy credit card season, they now need to be driven overnight to the Netherlands, where there is a sorting machine that can bitcoin buy credit card 2.

Rosado hopes that the harvest workers can euro to dollar today concentrate on the picking.

It is hardly surprising that many harvest workers have left. A few weeks after our last encounter, the Nepalese share a photo bitcoin buy credit card a COVID test in their house. It was positive: 12 of 18 inhabitants were infected, even though some bitcoin buy credit card them were already vaccinated. Once things improve, after the pandemic, he says, a third farm will be needed. After all, he says, the blueberry business is just getting started. This piece is part of the Global Societies series.

Bereich What bitcoin buy credit card the Global Societies series. The foundation exerts no influence whatsoever on bitcoin buy credit card stories and other elements that appear in the series. Suche starten Blueberries for Europe Portugal Mortgages Its Future for Present-Day Agricultural Profits The berry market has transformed Portugal as plantations have sprung up in recent years. With reporting by Enrique Oltra Pinto-Coelho This piece is part of the Global Societies series.

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